It’s back!!! McMurrich Wine Survivor – Fall 2023

Wine Survivor Contestants

Survivors who haven’t sent in their receipts are at the bottom in red. If there are any issues, please email

Thursday, November 2

6 buy backs.
25 entries.
Alicia Kowalewski, Jon Hook 1 (final), Mick Hassell (final), Brooke Duval (final), Marilyn Faustino Grant1 (final), Sandy Schellenberg 2 (final), Morgan Cowie, Celia Rojas (final), Livy Jacobs, Rae Trenchard (final), Chris Hughes2.
No immunity.
14 entries left.

Wednesday, November 1

3 buy backs.
36 entries.
Janice Somers, Sandy Schellenberg2, Rachel Cooper4, Monica Jankowiak, Marilyn Faustino Grant2, Melissa Zimmerman1, Catriona Syme1, Sandy Schellenberg1, Kathleen Allen, Rae Trenchard, Maria K1, Rowan Mitchell (k – parent is Briar Wells), Rachel Cooper1, Marilyn Faustino Grant3, Jon Hook 1, Melissa Zimmerman2, Brooke Duval.
Immunity tomorrow goes to Tsega Tesema.
aaaaa entries left.

Tuesday, October 31

1 buy back.
49 entries.
Serah Lefler, Erik Hoffman, Dara Zarnett1, Gwynyth Kier, Jing Kao-Beserve, Maria K 1 ,Margie Endonilla, Dara Zarnett 2, Jacob Beck, Jon Hook 4, Tiffany Hassell, Mick Hassell, John Murison1, Zorana Kydd, Jennie Hoffman, Catriona Syme1.
Immunity tomorrow goes to Rachel Birenbaum.
33 entries left.

Sunday, October 29

5 buy backs.
55 entries.
Brittany Twiss2, Monika Barbosa, Francine Forte1, Shaun Hsu, Marilyn Faustino Grant4, Isla Hallet(k), Celia Rojas.
Immunity tomorrow goes to Livy Jacobs.
48 entries left.

Saturday, October 28

0 buy backs.
57 entries.
Francine Forte 1, Serah Lefler, Luke Andrews 1, Ricky Jacobs, Alexandra Armstrong, Tiffany Hassell, Sandy Schellenberg1.
Immunity tomorrow goes to Gwynyth Kier.
50 entries left.

Friday, October 27

1 buy back.
64 entries.
Marc Hollin, Brittany Twiss 1, Katherine Janson, Marco Forte, Francine Forte 2 (final), Jorden Lefler, Tracy Melody 2.
Immunity tomorrow goes to Catriona Syme 1.
57 entries left.

Thursday, October 26

5 buy backs.
70 entries.
Rick Lempera (final), Kathleen Allen, Chris Hughes1, Thomas Kirkham (k), Jon Hook2, Maria K 1, Melissa Leddy (final).
Immunity tomorrow goes to Tiffany Hassell.
63 entries left.

Wednesday, October 25

3 buy backs.
72 entries.
Today’s eliminations are:
Luke Andrews2, Rick Lempera, Francine Forte2, Marilyn Faustino Grant1, Jacob Beck, Jennifer Milo, Chad Leddy.
Immunity tomorrow goes to Rachel Cooper4.
65 entries left.

Tuesday, October 24

2 buy backs.
76 entries.
Today’s eliminations are:
Rachel Cooper3, Shaun Hsu, Scott Tabachnick2, Scott Tabachnick1, Erik Hoffman, Trevor Haldenby, Janis Lempera.
Immunity tomorrow goes to Monica Jankowiak.
69 entries left.

Monday, October 23

81 entires.
Today’s eliminations are:
Jennie Hoffman, John Murison2, Shana Brandes, Melissa Leddy, Rachel Cooper2, Michael Tucci, Jody Sugrue.
Immunity tomorrow goes to Morgan Cowie.
74 entries left.

Voted off (but can buy back)
Voted off (final)
vo (bb) – voted off, bought back in

  Oct 23 Oct 24 Oct 25 Oct 26 Oct 27 Oct 28 Oct 29 Oct 31 Nov 1  
Abbie M                    
Alexandra A           voted off        
Alicia K                   vo (bb)
Briar W                 vo (bb)  
Brittany T (1)         voted off          
Brittany T (2)             voted off      
Brooke D                 vo (bb) voted off
Catriona S (1)         Immunity     vo (bb) voted off  
Catriona S (2)                    
Celia R             vo (bb)     voted off
Chad L     voted off              
Chris H (1)       voted off            
Chris H (2)                   vo (bb)
Dara Z (1)               voted off    
Dara Z (2)               voted off    
Erik H   vo (bb)           voted off    
Francine F (1)           vo (bb) voted off      
Francine F (2)     vo (bb)   voted off          
Gwynyth K           Immunity   voted off    
Jacob B     vo (bb)         voted off    
Janice S                 voted off  
Janis L   vo (bb)                
Jeff D                    
Jennie H vo (bb)             voted off    
Jennifer M     vo (bb)              
Jing K               voted off    
Jody S voted off                  
John M (1)               voted off    
John M (2) voted off                  
Jon H (1)                 vo (bb) voted off
Jon H (2)       voted off            
Jon H (3)                    
Jon H (4)               voted off    
Jorden L         voted off          
Julia C                    
Katherine J         voted off          
Kathleen A       vo (bb)         voted off  
Livy J             Immunity     vo (bb)
Luke A (1)           voted off        
Luke A (2)     voted off              
Marc H         voted off          
Marco F         voted off          
Maria K (1)               vo (bb) voted off  
Maria K (2)       voted off            
Marilyn FG (1)     vo (bb)             voted off
Marilyn FG (2)                 voted off  
Marilyn FG (3)                 voted off  
Marilyn FG (4)             voted off      
Marjie E               voted off    
Melissa L vo (bb)     voted off            
Melissa Z (1)                 voted off  
Melissa Z (2)                 voted off  
Michael T voted off                  
Mick H               vo (bb)   voted off
Monika J   Immunity             vo (bb)  
Monika B             voted off      
Morgan C Immunity                 vo (bb)
Rachel B               Immunity    
Rachel C (1)                 voted off  
Rachel C (2) voted off                  
Rachel C (3)   voted off                
Rachel C (4)     Immunity           voted off  
Rae T                 vo (bb) voted off
Rick L     vo (bb) voted off            
Ricky J           vo (bb)        
Sandy S (1)           vo (bb)     voted off  
Sandy S (2)                 vo (bb) voted off
Sarah H                    
Scott T (1)   voted off                
Scott T (2)   voted off                
Serah L           vo (bb)   voted off    
Shana B voted off                  
Shaun H   vo (bb)         voted off      
Tsega T                    
Tiffany H       Immunity   vo (bb)   voted off    
Tracy M (1)                    
Tracy M (2)         voted off          
Trevor H   voted off                
Zorana K               voted off    
Isla H             voted off      
Thomas K       voted off            
81 76 72 70 64 57 55 49     14

Wine Survivor is a fun game and fundraiser for McMurrich, much like the famed show Survivor, except the end prize is wine (or in this case, LCBO gift cards, split between 3 lucky players.

1st Place wins 50% of the prize pool
2nd Place wins 30% of the prize pool
3rd Place wins 20% of the prize pool

How to play
(1) From October 2-8, you can purchase a ticket for $40 through cash online ($20 goes towards the prize pool of an LCBO gift card and $20 goes to McMurrich School Council)
(2) VERY IMPORTANT Email your receipt to
(3) You can follow along at The current status of all players will be online. We will have names written as first name and last initial. (ie Jenn D)
Once you have done these 2 things, you have joined “the Island” and your name is placed into the draw. The more entries you buy, the better your chances of
surviving and winning wine!

Nightly Draws
Starting October 16th, each night, names will be drawn using “Wheel of Names” and an email will go out letting everyone know their status in the game.

The first name will be given immunity meaning they are safe for that night’s draw and the following night’s draw.

Each night, several names will be drawn, the names drawn are “voted off the island” (i.e. eliminated). If you are eliminated you have 2 options.
(1) You can accept your fate and the game is over for you
(2) You can buy back in for $20 (only if it is your first time)

Buying Back In
If you are “voted off the island”/ eliminated, you can pay an additional $20 for your name to be placed back in the draw (100% of this money goes to McMurrich School Council).

Is there a catch? Yes, there is!
(1) You can only buy back ONCE per ticket.
(2) You must pay by 3:00 pm the next day.
(3) VERY IMPORTANT And you must also email the receipt to: to let us know you have bought back in by 3:00 pm in order for your name to be added back to the draw.

Are you ready for an Island adventure?…See you on the island!